April 3, 2007

Mary's Notes, April 3, 2007

Mary's Notes, April 3, 2007

Intern Sam lost his radio virginity producing What is Englishness? last night. Unfortunately, the main guest he’d booked called two hours before the show and told us he was deliriously sick with the stomach flu. Our first thought was to call on Toby in the North as a pinch-hitter — Toby is a blogger and a ROS community member, and he’d suggested the show in the first place. We tried him, but it was after 2:00 a.m. in Finland where he lives and he was asleep. Sam scrambled gamely, smiling and dialing Brits all night long, and we were grateful to Arthur Aughey for stepping in. At least Sam has a good story to tell now anyway and maybe a good reason to explore a career in plastics or accounting or something more predictable.

Tonight we’re looking into the impact of the SCOTUS EPA decision on the US automotive industry. First call was to Car Talk‘s Tom Magliozzi. Actually I went over and knocked on his door — he moved across the street from our office a few months ago. He’s on his way over. I hope he brings cappuccino.

Camille Paglia is being recorded tomorrow at 3:00 and Sonny Rollins agreed to record at 5:00 on Thursday as long as he wouldn’t have to wait around too long in our studio. No waiting, we promise.

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