May 24, 2007

Mary's Notes, May 24, 2007

Mary's Notes, May 24, 2007

Have you heard about the new Sox craze at Fenway Park? Hot-as-a-pistol pitcher Dice-K has turned his teammates on to five-toed socks with rubbery beads on the bottom. He says they help with traction and balance. We’re trying to score some, and we’ll let you know if they help our footwork around here.

Sam reports that last night’s show on libraries surfaced some new names and faces on the site. We wonder endlessly around here what makes a successful radio show and a successful comment thread and what types of programs and subjects invite new people in. Potter said the comments on the website were better than this week’s show with Chrisopher Hitchens, for example.

Monday is a day of R&R for the ROS staff. David and Chris have produced an excellent show on the turn-of-the-century philosopher, psychologist and religion seeker William James for your listening pleasure.

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