Of Melville and Marriage

We speak of the mystery of Herman Melville, or the misery of Melville, the American masterpiece man. For Moby-Dick alone, he is our Shakespeare, our Dante—though he fled the writing of prose for the last half of his life, and in death The New York Times misspelled his name.

Jennifer Habel and Chris Bachelder.

This podcast is a demonstration of another way, a better way to crack the riddle of Melville: read the book aloud with someone you love and jot down every question that comes to your mind. Before you know it, you’ll have written your own novel on a few hundred Post-it notes. Our guests, Chris Bachelder and Jennifer Habel, call their novel Dayswork, and it’s a marvel.

Guest List
Jennifer Habel
Poet, co-author of Dayswork.
Chris Bachelder
Novelist, co-author of Dayswork.
Reading List
Toward a Theory of Surprise
Chris Bachelder
Herman Melville

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