Oh Yeah. Emerson.

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So David has been laboring mightily for two weeks now to give us all the day off today. He did this by listening through hours of interviews about one of Chris’s great loves, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and by creating out of them a brand-new hour of documentary, of Chris chasing the ghost and the spirit of Ralph.

It’s a gorgeous documentary. I know this because I’m listening to it right now, on July 4th. I am listening to it now only because, as I was just making plans with Katherine to watch the fireworks, she, in her car with a dog, asked me if I were enjoying the show.

Aha. The show. So for one exquisitely postmodern moment, Katherine, her dog and I — she and the dog in her car and I in my living room and all of us on the phone together — just listened to Chris’s voice and Dave’s handiwork. Dave is in the Adirondacks right now enjoying the day off he gave us all and, well, only he knows where the audio is, so I promise I’ll have it up on the site tomorrow.

But in the meantime I am surrounded, here in Allston, by garden parties, on my way out the door to enjoy the little bit of the fireworks that Katherine swears you can see in Belmont. Happy Fourth of July.

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