February 23, 2007

Open Source Shindig

Open Source Shindig

Open Source Crowd

The atmosphere was electric! [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

Wine was drunk, ideas were exchanged, and a good time was had by all at the Open Source festivities on Thursday. We packed in a great crowd, including longtime community-members, Open Source staff, IMA conference folks, and a few passers-by who just wanted to sit down on our couches. Here are some pictures to prove it; please excuse the red-eye. You can see even more pics here. Should we do this every night?

Katherine and Friends

Katherine and some folks from WUSF in Florida [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

Julia and Friends

Julia, and the back of Nicky McCatty‘s head [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

Chris et al

Brendan, Chris, and Mary [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

Robin and Friend

Robin and Daniel Ash from WBEZ [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

Kate McShane et al

Chelsea, Greta, and Kate McShane [Radio Open Source / Flickr]

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