March 12, 2008

What’s Coming in Cuba (I) Patrick Symmes

Is Cuba, after Fidel Castro, in for a Velvet Revolution? or a civil war? or more of the same? Click to listen to Chris’s conversation with Patrick Symmes here (52...| More
December 17, 2007

Speaking of Music: Alex Ross’s 20th Century

However we listen to the twentieth century, the links as well as the tensions and the often grisly politics are endlessly absorbing. And Alex Ross, the New Yorker's music critic...| More
October 11, 2005

Harold Bloom: Jesus and Yahweh

Click to Listen to the Show (24 MB MP3) [Sue Mingus] Help us out, seriously. In the light of President Bush’s conversations with God about the Middle East, these may...| More
August 19, 2005

Micro-enterprise in Cuba

24 MB MP3 America’s coverage of Cuba usually focuses on one of three things: whether or not the US should lift its decades long embargo, something involving the Buena Vista...| More
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