February 1, 2011

Shiva Balaghi: Egypt in the Spotlight; the...

Shiva Balaghi is relaying cellphone news from her friends in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Between calls, so to speak, she is weighing the warnings, heard in Israel and the States,...| More
November 4, 2010

Reading Obama’s Mind: Pragmatism and Its Perils

Click to listen to Chris’ conversation with James Kloppenberg (38 minutes, 19 mb mp3) If there is a problem with Barack Obama’s thinking, his “intellectual biographer” James Kloppenberg is saying...| More
September 28, 2009

James Morone: What healthcare politics lays bare

From FDR to Barack Obama, James Morone’s revelatory history of presidents and healthcare policy lays out some basic rules — the conditions, in short, that Lyndon Johnson met to pass...| More
October 8, 2007

Speaking of Coltrane: Five Conversations (1)

How did it feel that John Coltrane was “back,” I asked the drummer Roy Haynes a dozen years ago, when Impulse reissued his classics and Whitney Balliett in The New...| More
August 28, 2007

Summer Reading II: Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables

The book that has flooded my brain and heart this summer, on which I’d love to invite a fast end-of-the-season free-for-all, is Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables . “Torrential” is the...| More
June 15, 2007

Ralph Nader: Super Hero or Uber Spoiler?

Click to Listen to the Show (24 MB MP3) [Thanks to Luigino Valentin for suggesting this show] On Janury 22, 1968, a young Ralph Nader, clad in a suit of...| More
March 29, 2007

Shakespeare and Power

On our pitch-a-show thread this week Dora remembered our Thucydides show and what it made her think of: Shakespeare. For months, I’ve been thinking about an exchange that occurred on...| More
November 16, 2005

A Conversation with Joan Didion

Joan Didion’s prose style, Norman Mailer has said, may be the finest since Hemingway. She trained her eye and her lean phrasing on the American counterculture of the 60's and...| More
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