March 29, 2006

Post-Work Grub, Mutton and Peruvian

Post-Work Grub, Mutton and Peruvian

To prep for our show tonight with Chowhound Jim Leff, we’ve been chowhounding ourselves, asking help with our own particular obsessions. I wanted a place to spread out a paper and eat cheaply in Allston after work. I posted an hour ago, and already:

Try the various empanadas (and some recommend the Chilean sandwich) at La Mamma. Make sure the empanadas are made to order. 2 is a very good snack and 3 would be very filling. Last time I was there they were $1.45 plus tax. Only about 4 tables there but they don’t rush you.

Dax, post to Chowhound

how about a large bowl of pho (noodle soup) at Pho Pastuer? Its about 6$ and absolutley delicious and very filling

andrew, post to Chowhound

Chris longed for mutton about a half-hour ago, and mutton he shall have:

A friend of mine was looking for mutton around this time last year- I believe she was able to get it from Savenors, but they had to special order it for her.

Posenose, post to Chowhound

I also posted looking for Peruvian near Berkeley when I’m out there next month, and already, here, the concise guide to Bay-area Peruvian.

Ranking on the adjective “romantic” I’d suggest: 1) Destino on Market near where Guerrero comes on to Market 2) Limon [probably the “hottest”-and loudest/most”attitude”-but most BART convenient] Valencia near 16th 3) Fresca- three SF locations[all upper-middle class ‘hoods] 4a/b) Mi Lindo Peru and Inka -“homier” bigger portions/cheaper but not what I’d describe as romantic both located on Mission between 28th and 30th or so. There are yet others but I’ve not personally been to them. All these are “Lima” Peruvian not Andean– no cuy or alpaca or chicha or such,but a big emphasis on cevechi,lomo etc. The first three are not very different in terms of price.

Jimbo, post to Chowhound

It’s like magic. I already have too many Peruvian restaurants to look into, and it’s only been an hour.

What are you guys looking for? Ask Chowhound about a craving you’ve been having in your own city, and let us know what you get.

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