Japanese Baseball

How’s this for lazy? Not just a rerun of a show, but of Mary’s copy!

Tuesday we’re airing a rerun because Chris has been asked to moderate an afternoon debate between Stephen Walt and G. John Ikenberry at the Watson Institute at Brown on the subject of crafting American foreign policy beyond 9/11 and the GWOT (Global War on Terror). Walt and Ikenberry had a lively exchange on the TPM blog and we’re planning to record the event to air on Open Source at a later date.

David and I voted to rerun the Japanese baseball show from last winter. The show covered the impact of Japanese baseball players like Ichiro and Dice K on the major leagues, and it holds up well as long as you overlook Dice K’s current slump, Yankee outfielder Matsui’s injury and the fact that we never talked about superstar Sox reliever Hideki Okajima. Emmett O’Connell, who suggested that show, will have to keep us up to speed on any other updates we need to know about.

Mary, in her Notes, May 4, 2007

Mary was more coy than is her wont. I think the real reason she and I wanted to re-broadcast the show is that her team (the Red Sox) and mine (the Mets) are both in first place. We want to savor this as long as it lasts.

By the way, fellow Metropolitans fans might want to check out my recent discovery, the smartest and most entertaining Mets blog out there: Faith and Fear in Flushing. And I bet you don’t have to be a Mets fan to enjoy it. It’s more about suffering and transcendance than double plays and on-base plus slugging.

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