July 28, 2006

Refocusing Some of Our Attention

Refocusing Some of Our Attention

After getting Ethan Zuckerman’s reminder to cover stories that do not receive enough media attention, we began to read up on the topics that he suggested.

Ethan suggested that we look into “the elections in the [Democratic Republic of the Congo], the ongoing conflict in northern Uganda, the struggle to tackle AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.” He elaborated on the disproportionate coverage of the Middle East on his blog.

We’ve started reading lists below; point us to bloggers and articles that will help us develop shows on these topics.

Thanks to Alokemon for suggesting that we cover the DRC election

Extra Credit Reading: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Jennifer Brea, DRC: As Elections Approach, the Congo’s Bloggers Discuss Recent Violence, Media Repression and the Limits of Foreign Aid, Global Voices, 7/26/06

Carine, Historic and Democratic Elections:, fleur d’afrique, 7/11/06 (from Global Voices)

Carl, Who Can Figure, “Because We’re Here Boy, No One Else; Just Us.”, 7/13/06 (from Global Voices)

Kate, Are we there yet?, Light in the Heart of Darkness, 7/27/06 (from Global Voices)

Congo election reporters’ log: Thursday, BBC, 7/27/06 (from The Salon)

DRC: Lead-up to elections – backgrounder, IRIN Africa, 7/24/06 (from The Salon)

Aidan Hartley, Congo’s Election, the U.N.’s Massacre, The New York Times, 7/28/06

Extra Credit Reading: Uganda

Uganda Rising, Mindset Media

War Dance, World Vision and Shine Global

The Lord’s Resistance Army, Wikipedia

translated by Victor Ochen, LRA victim: ‘I cannot forget and forgive’, BBC, 6/29/06

Henry Mukasa, Kony Grants 1st Interview, The New Vision, 6/28/06 (from Jay’s Idle Notes)

Extra Credit Reading: HIV/Aids

Lawrence K. Altman, Gateses to Finance H.I.V. Vaccine Search, The New York Times, 7/20/06

Medical Group Issues 15 Point Plan for G8 Countries to Stop Africa’s Health Worker Shortage, Health Action Aids, 7/13/06

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