November 16, 2020

Seeking a curious, committed, and creative radio-maker!

Open Source is hiring a new Producer

Radio Open Source is seeking a sound producer to oversee recording, editing, and mixing of the weekly show.

Primary responsibilities of this part-time role include: Coordinating the recording of interviews both on the guest’s end (making sure they know how to record themselves) and the host’s end; editing two-way interviews, with the help of our team, to segment length; and, on occasion, producing more involved audio (hour-long shows with music, vox pop segments and montages, three- or four-way group interviews, and segments with archival and news actuality). The producer will help think through the flow and sound of the hour as a whole, assist in recording and timing the host script, and work with the WBUR engineer on final production tasks.

While this technical role is not primarily an editorial position, the producer is expected to contribute to story meetings, brainstorm possible guests, and help refine angles and host questions. So, engagement with pop culture, passion for reading, and a critical approach to the news is a plus.

Experience required: at least 2-3 years sound editing on DAW software (Hindenburg [preferred], ProTools, Audition, Reaper, or similar) in a radio or podcast setting; some experience recording in the field (two-way interviews, field recording).

Hours: Monday-Wednesday, about 3 days a week or 24-30 hours depending on availability.

Salary: flexible

Location: Boston (Beacon Hill area), but remote to start

If this job interests you, please send a cover letter and resume to with the subject line: “[NAME] producer application.” Please include any links to any relevant audio work you have produced. In your letter, or in a separate document, please answer two of the following three questions

(1) What is an example of a favorite radio show or podcast episode (from any non-Open Source show) and why, from the standpoint of a producer and listener?

(2) Tell us about one of your favorite artists, musicians, or works of art (album, painting, book, play, etc). How might you imagine a produced hour-long radio discussion about them (or it)—in any format?

(3) Pitch us a show on a human story, political issue, or historical episode that matters to you. Consider a round-table Zoom conversation with a mix of voices in discussion or debate; or three segments with three separate voices and angles.  

(We will respect your intellectual property and privacy. This is just to get a sense about you and your interests!)

Deadline: December 1

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