March 3, 2014

Snow and Ice in the Hub

Snow and Ice in the Hub

Our photographer friend, Michael Lutch, has sent us a number of memorable images of Boston that have hung over our site as banner photos since we re-launched this January. Michael is well known for his work with the American Repertory Theatre, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and with musicians in general. His website features classic shots of Yo-Yo Ma, Seiji Ozawa and James Levine, among others. Today he sent over a series which we’re especially enjoying on a cold day.

Send us your own images at Horizontal works best, and a Boston connection is a plus. You may not top Michael Lutch, but we’d love to use your photos on our page!

Lutch-Ice3 on Window

Lutch-Iceicle  on Window

Lutch-Snowflake on Window

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