April 11, 2007

The Boys in Control One

The Boys in Control One

One of the best things about going to the studio every night is getting to answer the phone “Control One, Open Source.” It just feels pro. Like we actually know what all the buttons and sliders do. Control One refers to the particular control room we use at WGBH. Chris works his magic in an adjacent studio, where we can see him through a soundproof window and, from a strange angle, on a closed-circuit monitor. These photos are from the nerve center last week:

David and Brendan

Primping before we go live because it’s important to look good for radio [Katherine Bidwell]

David directing

David, le directeur, in action [Katherine Bidwell]

Brendan prepping

Brendan focussed on the comment thread [Katherine Bidwell]

Ray driving

The unflappable Ray Fallon driving the show; he actually does know what all those buttons do [Katherine Bidwell]

chris on air

Chris on the air [Katherine Bidwell]


The countdown clock: the only buttons Ray lets us push [Katherine Bidwell]

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