July 27, 2023

"There actually is real wisdom that you can find in those painful experiences."

The Country of the Blind

In The Country of the Blind, where the writer Andrew Leland is guiding our tour, they do things differently. They have their own identity riddles, their network of heroes and not-so-heroes.

They have their own senses of beauty and of sexual interest. They have their own sore spots when sighted people speak of their disability. They have their own Facebook pages and their own panic attacks—their own wacky humor, as well. They have their own Hall of Fame, back to Homer, among the ancients. They have a sense of their modern selves as strivers, even adventurers, more than victims. They argue fine points among themselves, like whether Lady Justice in front of the courthouse is, or ought to be, blind, and whether a male gaze persists among men who cannot see.

Guest List
Andrew Leland
Author of The Country of the Blind.
Reading List
How to Be Blind
Andrew Leland
The Right Stuff
Andrew Leland, for Radiolab

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