The Democratic Divide

At a madcap mid-point in the Age of Trump, it is the season suddenly of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in the Democratic party. A.O.C. time, for the bold young waitress and straight-ahead socialist who toppled the last boss in New York this summer in a primary race for Congress. We’re walking through the Boston version this hour – it’s not nasty, but it could be close. Ayanna Pressley, the bold but not quite radical black trail-blazer taking on the street-smart ex-Mayor and often unconventionally liberal ten-year incumbent, Mike Capuano of Somerville. It’s a race to measure the power of young blood, and the lost clout of seniority and experience. Who’s right? Or left? And what’s your definition of ‘progressive’?


Guest List
Jimmy Tingle
Comedian, activist, and candidate for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts
Erin O'Brien
Assistant Professor of Political Science at University of Massachussets
Ben Bradlow
PhD student in the Department of Sociology at Brown University
Thomas P. O'Neill III
Founder and chief executive officer of the O'Neill and Associates consulting firm
Zaid Jilani
Political reporter at The Intercept

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