February 16, 2017

“What Trump and Bannon want is regime change. That's why the clock is ticking.”

The Fog of Trump

Should Donald Trump have spelled it out that what he really had in mind for Washington was regime-change?  The darkest truth about the squalling Trump administration is that nobody knows what’s happening.  

Old-time news guy Dan Rather says it’s worse than Watergate.  Mr. Putin has almost certainly has lost his dream of a grand bargain, but he’s won perhaps a larger goal in making the US government look like a joke.

The best reporters say the real theme in the capital is chaos—authoritarian intent veering toward anarchy, inside the White House and out.  The historically minded say the uncertainty and the stakes are without precedent in this Republic.

Timothy Snyder—eminent historian of the bloody conflicts in Europe—sees authoritarianism rising through the American fog. “The moment you say it couldn’t happen here,” Snyder warns, “is the moment you are ignoring history. And you’re taking a huge risk.” Sally Quinn gives us the inside scoop on Washington’s  chattering class, fearing something they’ve never seen before. Michael Glennon, the man who previously warned us about the perils of double government, tells us what happens when the Deep State strikes back. Heather Cox Richardson gives us the historian’s take of Steve Bannon’s worldview.

Guest List
Timothy Snyder
professor of history at Yale and author of Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning
Sally Quinn
Washington Post columnist and moderator of On Faith
Michael Glennon
professor of international law at Tufts and author of National Security and Double Government
Heather Cox Richardson
professor of history at Boston College and author of To Make Men Free: A History of the Republican Party

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