Theremin Update

What now? [Samgr / Flickr]

Nearly a month ago, I announced my plan to build a theremin in preparation for our upcoming show. Since then, construction has been held up a bit by other endeavors, but I’m now ready to press forward. Almost. This is embarassing, but does anyone who lives nearby have a soldering iron that I can borrow? I could pick it up, or you could drop it off here and get a tour of our high-tech nerve center. The show is tentatively scheduled for the 23rd, so I need to get started on this ASAP.

Meanwhile, we’re still dreaming up ways to use our theremin once it’s complete. Greta and OliverCranglesParrot have both challenged me to play the Open Source theme song. I’m up for it, but do you think the theme is too percussion-heavy to be recognizable? Chelsea has booked thereminist extraordinaire Pamelia Kursten for the show. Maybe she’ll give me a lesson.

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