Your July 4?

2006 Fireworks, Charles River Basin

Charles River, July 4, 2006 [Rekha Murthy]

2006 July 4 on the Charles

Charles River, July 4, 2006 [Rekha Murthy]

Some scattered impressions of my July 4: Steven Tyler’s voice, piped live to the entire Charles River Basin last night, sounded a little old. It made me sad. The 1812 Overture — say what you want, Brahms snobs — is the best piece of music ever written. (A close second might be Guns ‘n Roses’ “Paradise City,” but I can understand why “Paradise City” might have been a bad choice for the Boston Pops last night.) Also, walking with the wind down the Charles to find my picnic last night, I was passed by a canoe on the river filled with a dad and three sons, powered alone by the oldest son’s windbreaker, held aloft as a sail.

Your July 4? What did you see? Where did you go? Were you inspired? Disappointed? Reaffirmed in your faith in the principles of the Declaration of Independence? Reaffirmed in your faith in hot dogs? If you took pictures, email them to brendan radioopensource org, or post them to the radioopensource Flickr group and we’ll put them on the site.

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