February 22, 2007

Brendan Kills at IMA

Brendan Kills at IMA


Brendan has trouble smiling for cameras [Brendan Greeley / Flickr]

Brendan is a conference monkey. This week, he’s fomenting the ROS revolution at the Integrated Media Association conference. Community member and head of social media for NPR Andy Carvin caught one of Brendan’s panel discussions yesterday and gave us a nice write-up here.

Here are some pictures he just sent back. More to come from tonight’s get together at the Jurys Hotel in Boston, where all of us will be preaching the gospel and hobnobbing with public radio webheads. Want to come? Still about 5 spots left.


Colleen Wilson, Senior Interactive Producer for KQED [Brendan Greeley / Flickr]


Mary’s old friend Michael Rosenblum, pounding the podium like Khrushchev during his keynote [Brendan Greeley / Flickr]


Brendan said World Have Your Say‘s live show was “kind of an amazing performance, with the host running around the room.” [Brendan Greeley / Flickr]


The happy audience at Brendan’s “Social Media 101” [Brendan Greeley / Flickr]

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