August 10, 2007

On Emerson’s "Spiritual Laws"

On Emerson’s "Spiritual Laws"

Mary and The Emerson Summer Gang,

I apologize for the delay in getting this out. I spent the weekend writing and writing, always finding myself backtracking, realizing what I was attempting to say was not what was on the paper. So, what I ended up doing was taking my notes/questions and doctoring them up. Therefore, my response will not read like earlier responses, nor does it directly talk about Emerson’s “Spiritual Essay.” Rather, I took the approach of asking myself some questions, and then drawing a conclusion at the end based on what I believe Emerson is trying to tell us in the essay. This is not exactly how I wanted to present it, but because we’re already a few days behind, I thought it better to have something posted. At least it will give us a place to start. So, without further ado….

Bobby in an Email to Mary

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