November 15, 2006

Putting the Wiki to Bed

Putting the Wiki to Bed

We’re proudly putting the 2006 Election Wiki to bed. The content will remain, but we’ve taken the link down from the sidebar until there’s cause to crank things up again. Many thanks to the more than 50 of you who fed our sprawling, mewling, electioneering baby.

Through the wiki, Denny Gill told us why Tony Knowles’s glowing tan doesn’t play well in Chugiak, Alaska; we discovered rich local blogospheres in New Mexico, Connecticut, and Arizona (and slim pickings in Missouri); Rene Thompson taught us what a Melungeon is and why Kentucky still loved disco in the 80s; and Peter Bradley told us why Rhode Island is like Texas without the bulls**t. In short, it made us all feel pretty patriotic. Gold stars to Faithandreason, Silversand, Emmettoconnell, Olddockeller, Zentalon, and DKR for their help.

On a personal note, working nonstop on this wiki gave me uncanny prescience into the leanings of the American electorate. On the day before the elections, I predicted Dems would lead by 14 in the House and 1 in the Senate, and by gum I won the ROS office pool.

Now the only question is, what’s the next project to wikify? Jon Garfunkel has been working on an impressive page on Open Source‘s technical architecture. What else needs space for collaboration?

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