September 18, 2006

Tell Us About Your Election

Tell Us About Your Election

It’s a big day for us at Team Teal. We’re unveiling our new wiki, and you’re invited.

Our first push on the site is to cover the midterm elections. We’ve lined up thirty-eight districts that the experts are saying are too close to call. We’ve got a good start on a few House races. There’s Connecticut’s 4th District, where Republican incumbent Chris Shays faces First Selectwoman Diane Farrell. You can read what the mainstream guys are saying about the race and what the local bloggers are saying. You can learn what a First Selectwoman is.

  • Do you live in a toss-up district or state, or know someone who does? Tell us about where you live, about important industries or recent history that might affect the race, about what your voting issues are.
  • Can you run Technorati or Google blog searches to help us find local bloggers?
  • Do you know someone from one of these districts who’s a great talker, a historian or an obsessed race-watcher? Email us, greta radioopensource org or brendan radioopensource org and we’ll interview them and post it here. Even better, interview them and post it yourself.

We’re less concerned about the horse race of the actual election, and more about getting a picture of each of these states and districts. We want you to help us figure out what America is worried — or hopeful — about in 2006.

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